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Company Information We have the pleasure to inform you that on march 15,1985, we established ourselves
as an Export House of Sundry Goods under the style of Hajin Trading Co., Ltd., at the following address: .......(omitted).......
Founded in 1985. Hajin has not only served the world through its business during the past 17 years but also it led the local market.
We manufacture sewing set, beauty product and safety nail clipper and export them into Germany, Japan and the USA. We are very well-placed to supply you with high-grade goods at strictly competitive prices.
We also manufacture the Walnut cake machine, and export it to Japan, China and Mexico. Cotton candy maker machine, a recent hot item has been distributed into the main theater and highway rest areas.
Upon hearing from you about your usual requirements, We shall be happy to send you our samples

Company History01

Hajin grew out to be a corporation and changed a name to Hajin Corp in 1989. In the same year, Hajin entered into the special contract for the sole agency of German's Qudro.
In1993, Hajin started to import food product under license. The company has grown through exclusive sales contract with Global Instrument.
Hajin has been manufacturing Household products,Nail-clipper and exporting these goods to Japan ,Europe and the states.
During the past 17years Hajin has grown out to be very sound trade company. With over 11 employees we work hard to create better products and services.
Hajin's is aiming at satisfying our customers by staying close them through Department Store, Mail order,TV Home Shopping and Internet Shopping with unique
personalized product to their individual needs.

Annual Sales Revenues USD965.00Million

Assets USD560.00Million

Employees 16Person

Revenues From Exports USD570.00Million

Countries Exported To Japan, America, Germany.

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Phone : 02 416 2291/5
FAX : 02 416 2294
Address : hajin bldg.,3F,171-4, bangyi-dong,songpa-gu,seoul, korea(Zip Code: 138-830)
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